Monday, October 12, 2009

Its a Different World Altogether

Dehumanization agenda is in full swing. Usually things, artifacts, and even natural objects used to have or were endowed with a human face. That is being snatched away. It appears to be a grand machination, a deliberate design. And designers stand up totally naked before you and me. They are not ashamed of it. Rather they are proud.

Wealth is not hidden anymore. Its on display. You need not be apologetic for grabbing much beyond your needs and even beyond your means and capabilities. Extravaganza is a way of life and perhaps its a postmodern way. Workmen, labourers, employees, peasants, farmers do not form part of present rhetoric. These abusive terms have been relegated to their real place, along with the poor.

Any doubts? Anyone may recall some Nair' own or some Mittal's daughter's marriage.Ministes may reside in a 5 star on the expense of a lakh a day.Do you know, there is a cattle class in air services too.

And it seems surprising when one forgets one's dead relatives in a span of five days.Even when you are alive, you are regarded for your utilitarian value. Soon we will be attempting to decipher the differences between dehumanization and liberal-utilitarian agendas. (to be cont.)